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Available Services

Mechanical and Technical Solutions:

We promptly and efficiently solve mechanical and technical problems with the utmost quality.

Delivery Services:

Our delivery services ensure quick and affordable delivery of medicines from pharmacies.

Veterinary Services:

Our qualified staff provides veterinary services for pets, including vaccination for dogs and cats.

Event Management and Home Decoration:

We have experienced staff who can decorate your house and manage celebrations, such as birthdays and special occasions.

Interior Design and Accessories:

Our team consists of experts in interior design, hanging curtains, and selecting accessories to enhance your living space.

Security Services

We offer security services, including continuous patrols and painting and renovation services according to your preferences.

Moving and Cleaning Services

Our experienced and trained staff assists with moving goods, carpet washing, and sofa cleaning right at your home.

Transportation Services:

We organize and provide clean, qualified, safe, and reliable taxis to transport the residents of the project.

Qualified Medical Staff:

Our qualified medical staff offers a range of health services to cater to your needs

Liquefied Gas Supply:

We supply liquefied gas to your homes, complete with gas meters for accurate monitoring.

Reliable Power and Water Supply:

Enjoy 24-hour electricity supply, including generator backup for the project. 

We ensure a clean water supply to your homes that meets reliable standards.

Lighting Services:

We provide lighting services for streets, parks, and public areas, ensuring a well-lit and secure environment.

Car Washing Services:

Our experienced staff and advanced equipment allow you to have your cars washed conveniently at home.

Tank Cleaning Services:

Our skilled staff specializes in cleaning household tanks using specialized equipment.

Food and Beverage Services:

We offer qualified staff in special attire to serve, prepare, and deliver food and beverages directly from your home.

Affordable Service Personnel:

We provide "khadima" services at the lowest price, offering experienced, trained, and reliable individuals

Greenery and Cleaning Services:

We create lush gardens and clean the water in project lakes, tailoring the garden greening to your preferences.

Our team offers comprehensive cleaning services for buildings, apartments, gardens, elevators, streets, and alleys.

Reliable Home and Apartment Services:

We provide trustworthy and responsible staff for homes and apartments, ensuring safety, cleanliness, and accountability.


We strive to provide exceptional services that meet your requirements. Contact us now to experience the convenience and quality we offer

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